Oxen was optimized to be fast on structured and unstructured data types. Unlike traditional version control systems that are optimized for text files and code, Oxen was built from the ground up to be fast on images, video, audio, text, and more.

  • 🔥 Fast (10-100x faster than existing tools)
  • 🧠 Easy to learn (same commands as git)
  • 🗄️ Index lots of files (millions of images? no problem)
  • 🎥 Handles large files (images, videos, audio, text, parquet, arrow, json, models, etc)
  • 📊 Native Data Frame processing (oxen df command for data exploration)
  • 📈 Tracks changes over time (never worry about losing the state of your data)
  • 🤝 Collaborate with your team (sync to an oxen-server)
  • 🌎 Remote Workspaces to interact with the data without downloading it
  • 👀 Better data visualization on OxenHub